International Journal of Urban Ecology and Environment (IJUEE) is an international quarterly scientific and research journal which publishes original research papers to promote rapid communication and exchange of information between different fields related to ecology, nature, environment and ariculture.

All submitted papers will be strictly peer reviewed and must be written in English, due to scientific principles of academic research. All published papers will reflect the original thoughts of researchers and basic theories, models and case studies.

The journal provide a multidisciplinary forum for exchange of information on subjects related to ecology and environment and the major themes are as follows:

  • Ecology, Ecosystems and Natural Resources
  • Biosystems, Biodiversity and Biological Sciences
  • Urban Environment and Human Health
  • Urban Population, Community and Social Ecology
  • Air and Water Resources and Pollution
  • Climate Change and Urban Development
  • Ecotourism, Sustainable Tourism
  • Clean, Renewable and New Energies
  • Urban Ecology, Landscape and Green Space
  • Spatial Ecology and Biogeography
  • Water Supply and Waste Management
  • Modelling, Simulation and Optimization
  • Soil Productivity and Protection
  • Sustainable Development

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